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Home » News » 2016 Baseball Youth Majors- Cincinnati

2016 Baseball Youth Majors- Cincinnati


July 12-17,2016


Over 70 teams competed in Cincinnati from July 12-17 at CTC Fields in the hopes of capturing the last chance of the year to win a Majors title. This event was the largest of all the Baseball Youth Majors events this year.


8U Division

They may only be eight but they sure know how to play and that team is the Southern Kentucky Sluggers. The Sluggers did not lose a game the whole tournament and only giving up a total of five runs. In the championship game the Lebanon Lynx got another chance at them but the Sluggers prevailed by a final score of 10-1.

Championship   Southern Kentucky Sluggers 10   Lebanon Lynx   1


9U Division

It was a two team race for the 9U title. In pool play both the Kentucky Outlaws and the Ohio Tornados finished 3-1. Since the Outlaws were able to beat the Tornados in pool play 6-0 they claimed the number one seed. Both teams were able to advance through the bracket to meet again in the championship game. Just like the first time the two met, the Outlaws were too much for the Tornados to handle.

Championship   Kentucky Outlaws   12   Ohio Tornados   4


10U Division

The top two seeds in this division were the ones to play in the championship game. The Tennessee Diamond–Simcox went a perfect 4-0 in pool play, while the Mississippi Brewers went 3-1. In the final game though the team from Tennessee put up 13 runs to run away with the title winning 13-3.

Championship   Tennessee Diamond-Simcox 13   Mississippi Brewers   3


11U Division

This division was controlled by the Burtonsville Storm. In the championship game they met up with the Dexter Lugnuts where they pitched a shutout 15-0.

Championship   Burtonsville Storm   15   Dexter Lugnuts   0


12U Division

This division was full of exciting games and by far the most competitive of all the age divisions. Out of the 12 teams that competed in this age division the two that were left standing at the end were the Hamilton Joes and the Ohio Force. The Force had to do it the hard way winning two one run affairs 9-8 and 5-4 to make it to the championship. While Hamilton Joes had pretty much the same type of road to championship winning 9-8 and 5-3 on the other side of the bracket. The team that still had enough energy to take the title though was the Ohio Force. They shut out the Hamilton Joes 9-0.

Championship   Ohio Force   9   Hamilton Joes   0


13U Division

The 13U division stacked up with a total of 19 teams. The final four teams left in bracket play were the Ohio Playmakers, Team Easton Select, Calvert Cutters, and Titans Baseball. In the matchup between the Playmakers/ Easton it was Team Easton sporting 11 runs to top the Playmakers 11-6. In the other semifinal game Titans Baseball sawed off the Calvert Cutters by a final score of 12-5. When Team Easton Select and Titans Baseball met for the Championship it was a beauty of a game with Team Easton Select winning 6-4.

Championship   Team Easton Select   6   Titans Baseball   4


14U Division

In the final division of the tournament it was a pair of 2-2 teams from pool play making it all the way to the championship. Both Team Legacy Greyhounds Blue and the Batavia Bandits did not have the pool play they were looking for but played their best when it mattered the most. When they both bumped heads in the championship the Bandits yielded off the Greyhounds by a final score of 6-5.

Championship   Batavia Bandits 6   Team Legacy Greyhounds Blue   5