Player to Watch: Bret Echelbarger

Age: 14 Hometown: Kokomo, IN Travel team: USAthletic Position(s): P/C/3B As USAthletic’s unanimous captain, Bret sets an example for his teammates on and off the field. On the diamond, Bret [...]

State of the Game Part 2: Commitment

By: Eric Kaufman Click here to read Part 1: Who’s on First? 2,160 words: an 8-minute read A pig and a chicken are walking down the road. The chicken says: “Hey, Pig, I was thinking we [...]

Increase Bat Speed with Double Snap Towel Drive

Increase Bat Speed with a PVC Pipe By Tyler Zupcic If you are looking to increase your bat speed, pick up a PVC. There are many types of PVC progressions that promise to increase bat speed out [...]

Player to Watch: Zach Linn

Age: 13 Hometown: Yardley, PA Travel Team: Mid Atlantic Show Position(s): P/1B Up and down the east coast, Zach Linn has been a fixture at Athletx Sports Group events the past two seasons, making [...]

State of the Game Part 1: Who’s on First? 

By: Eric Kaufman Click here to read the introduction. Read time: <7 minutes Raise your hand if you’ve heard this one before: Baseball is no longer America’s national pastime. Football and [...]

Introducing: State of the Game

The philosopher Michael Gary Scott once observed that fall is the “most contemplative of seasons,” and while that might sound like the kind of sage wisdom typically reserved for Hallmark cards [...]

Remembering President George W. Bush’s First Pitch

“America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It’s been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game, it’s a part of our [...]

Taking Ownership of Your Commitments

A Player, Parent, and Coach Perspective By Garrett Gordon What Motivates You? As a player, ask yourself “why do I play baseball?”.  As a parent ask yourself “Why does my son play baseball?”. Do [...]

Player to Watch: Enmanuel Beltre

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Age: 10 Travel Team: Team Resmondo Position(s): SS/2B Enmanuel Beltre burst onto the Baseball Youth at Disney’s Memorial Day Classic this summer. Playing [...]

Four Good “Mishits” Coaches Shouldn’t Worry About

A player and coaches ability to read mishits (a hit or swing that produced a result that wasn’t the intended purpose of the hitter) has to be one of the most important skills to acquire. [...]