One Drill to Help Hitters Stop Barring Their Front Arm

Are you or your hitters struggling with the arm bar? Are they barring out their front arm too soon in their swing? Learn how the arm bar can hurt hitters early in their development.

Angled Tee Drill

In this day and age, there is a huge argument about “Feel vs Real”. Understanding the difference is crucial for your development as a hitter. Doing drills that you feel and that will [...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: June 20-21

Perfect Game Deep South World Series 11U East Coast Sox 11U – Johnston: 8 Steal: 4 Great weekend for our teams again. HITS 7U – RunnerUp in BPA 7U event East Coast Sox 11U Johnston [...]

How Important is it to Break in Your Glove The RIGHT Way?

In a sport full of superstitions none are more prevalent than the sacred relationship between an infielder and his glove. They will go to extended measures to keep it intact including carrying it [...]