5 Drills for Better Upper Body Swing Mechanics

By Garrett Gordon The upper body in the swing is very crucial. It is part of what’s holding and ultimately delivering the bat to contact. Unfortunately, the upper body is where most hitters [...]

What Your Work Ethic Says About You

A Player, Parent, and Coach Perspective By Garrett Gordon What Motivates You? As a player, ask yourself “why do I play baseball?”.  As a parent ask yourself “Why does my son play baseball?”. [...]

How Should a Hitter Stride?

By Garrett Gordon Many young hitters have an issue with their stride length.  By using a rope or band to help them feel where they need to be can help get them in a more athletic position. I [...]

Pre-Game Warmup Plans: How to Get Your Hitters Ready in Any Scenario

By Eric Tyler Your team is an hour early for their first game for a tournament. You’ve never been to this field complex before. You’re looking around to see what’s available for warming up. Do [...]

Fouling Pitches Straight Back? You’re Probably Just Late.

By: Chas Pippitt Pop-ups…Everyone hates them. Coaches, Parents, Hitters…(pitchers don’t count).  So why do they happen? There are a few obvious reasons like swinging too low or [...]

Stop Getting Jammed & Start Hitting Barrels

By Garrett of Baseball Rebellion Stop Getting Jammed & Start Hitting Barrels The bat path of all great hitters gets in the zone and stays through the zone for a long time. The direction of [...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: August 28-30, 2020

3&2’S EVOLUTION SERIES POWERED BY WILSON BASEBALL 11U: TX/FL Canes Elite: 15 Team Arkansas: 0 12U: KC Prime: 7 Mojo Baseball Blue: 3 13U: STL Dynamite Black: 7 Building Champions UA [...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: August 21-23

South Carolina Summer NIT 10U: TG Dbacks: 8 SBA Nationals: 2 View this post on Instagram USSSA Super NIT champions in Colombia, South Carolina! This win gives us a bid to the Elite 32 in Florida [...]

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