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Home » News » Baseball Card Chat with Prince Fielder

Baseball Card Chat with Prince Fielder


Prince Fielder’s move from Milwaukee to Detroit this offseason is a change that has definitely agreed with the talented slugger. Fielder, the son of former big leaguer Cecil Fielder, signed a nine-year contract with the Tigers over the winter, teaming up with Miguel Cabrera as one of the most potent one-two punches in baseball.

But Fielder’s success in his first six-plus seasons in the majors is hardly a surprise. Not only does he come from a major league bloodline as the son of a big leaguer, but his strong work ethic and love for the game have also played key roles in his success. Like many pros, he collected baseball cards growing up, days that he recalls fondly.

Baseball Youth: Talk about your days collecting baseball cards.

Fielder: I didn’t really collect them for that player. I just collected them to see how many I could get from each team, but I really wasn’t into it for the value of it. I just liked collecting.

Baseball Youth: Did you collect your dad’s cards growing up?

Fielder: Yeah, because usually when a lot of people sent cards in, I’d probably keep those. If he didn’t sign [all of] them, I’d keep them.

Baseball Youth: Do you still have any of your old cards?

Fielder: No, I don’t know where they went. They just vanished.

Baseball Youth: Did you have one favorite card growing up?

Fielder: No, I didn’t really have a favorite one. My favorites were the ones that were drawn [the artwork cards]. Remember the cartoon ones they had for a while? Those were my favorites. They had ones [art cards] of guys like [Jose] Canseco and my dad.

Baseball Youth: What was it like for you to see your own dad on a card?

Fielder: It was cool, but I didn’t know anything else. I didn’t know anything different. It was like seeing your dad on a business card maybe. I didn’t have any other dad to judge from, so it was normal to me.

Baseball Youth: And what was it like for you to see yourself on a card for the first time?

Fielder: Yeah, it was [a big deal]. But for me, the special thing was when my son started getting asked for autographs. For me, that was more special than seeing me on a baseball card.

Baseball Youth: Do your kids collect cards?

Fielder: No, because baseball cards aren’t really in anymore.

Baseball Youth: Do you still like signing your cards for fans?

Fielder: Yeah, I sign them. It’s cool.

Baseball Youth: With all the innovations in cards now like autographs, pieces of jerseys, bats and so on, is there one card of yours that really sticks out in your mind?

Fielder: Yeah, I’ve seen them all. The jersey cards are pretty cool. I’ve actually seen a card with a piece of a bat, wood, in it. It’s different.

Interview by Baseball Youth contributing writer Steve Hunt