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Home » News » Baseball Youth All-American Games – Summer 2015 – 10U Rosters

Baseball Youth All-American Games – Summer 2015 – 10U Rosters

Below are the 10U rosters for the Summer 2015 Baseball Youth All-American Games on July 20-22 at Grand Park in Westfield, IN.

Jeremy Comer
Andrew Stuart
Marcus Hernandez
Zachary Wager
Trevor Cowan
Joshua Truax
Nathaniel Horten
Jake Searles
Maui Schwartz
Jaden Harge
Joshua Garcia
Matthew Rowlett

Logan Churchill
Austin Hurr
AJ Jones
Cale Comeaux
Hunter Azemar
Ethan Giangiulio
Max Bond
Mitchell Dean
Caleb Brown
Nathan Hellein
TJ Turner
Julio Estrada

Adolph Sykes
Jamaal Cherry
Brody Hofen
Easton Moore
James Bell
Ashton Larson
Dylan Smith
Matthew McCurdy
Silas Ward
Bryce Barton
Caleb Aich