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Home » News » Baseball Youth All-American Games – Summer 2015 – 11U Rosters

Baseball Youth All-American Games – Summer 2015 – 11U Rosters

Below are the 11U rosters for the Summer 2015 Baseball Youth All-American Games on July 20-22 at Grand Park in Westfield, IN.

Corbin Bassham
Zach Brink
Dante Sanchez
Cameron Hunter
Tanner Hudspeth
Luke Preston
Alex Fiorillo
Zachary Reese
Griffin Tunison
Bailey Wickstrom
Alex Curry
Jacob Ross

Zach Hollister
Ethan Seipts
Eli Anderson
Max Reyes
Braden Clark
Maddox Mihalakis
Jace Herrera
Nicholas Tarhanick-luna
Peyton Niksch
Jack Perdue
Michael Wayne

Jordan Fricks
Stephen Palermo
Tony Calvo
Caden Contant
Eric Efland
Kendall Kendrick
George Reichart
Logan Watts
Jacob Bryant
John Janco
Ethan Chuck