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Home » News » Baseball Youth All-American Games – Summer 2015 – 13U/14U Rosters

Baseball Youth All-American Games – Summer 2015 – 13U/14U Rosters

Below are the 13U/14U rosters for the Summer 2015 Baseball Youth All-American Games on July 20-22 at Grand Park in Westfield, IN.

Christopher Auger
Austin Johnson
Ethan Imel
Kolby Bryant
Mason Rhone
Jace Wilson
Seth Wright
Michael Cauble
Steven Rizzo
EJ Exposito
Corbin Harrison

Cade Vernetti
Rylan Metz
Bryce Parish
Chase Smith
Hunter Jones
Ryan Shanian
Gage Goddard
Ian Evans
Jonathan Ireland
Matthew Gluck
Zachary Thibodeau

Jordan Andrade
Aidan Longwell
Sam Contacos
Andrew Russell
Peyton Harris
Pat Corrigan
Peyton Gillispie
Devyn Fahnestock
Dillon Sabathe
Jack Gannon
Tyler Jacobs

Zach Taylor
Kyle Cortner
Quinton Roach
Avery Swigart
Devin Francois
Dylan Jester
Sol Rainey
Cooper Thacker
Todd Kelly
Jacob Ferry

Evan Landrum
Brennan Murphy
Jordan Smith
Jason Sanchez
Matthew Misturini
Jake Stadler
Giani Gilch
Tanner Parvin
Logan Jernigan
Dean Massari

Isaac Watson
Zachary Common
Hunter Fergsuon
Cody Finke
Koby Burdett
Matthew Macy
Jordan Parker
Dylan Bragg
Steven Poff
Jonny Crowel
Cade Howard