Baseball Youth Coaches Show Ep. 02 – Coach Alex Rodriguez – Los Angeles Cachorros

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In Episode 2, Baseball Youth’s Director of Content Strategy Anthony Grassi talks with Coach Alex Rodriguez of the Los Angeles Cachorros after the team’s 2018 season that landed them number 11 in the 10U rankings. They talk about the team’s name and origin (1:24-1:53), the level of competition in the LA area (2:16-3:52), roster management (3:52-4:40), how he and his organization managed this past offseason (4:40-6:30), the key moments from 2018 on and off the field (6:30-8:05), how his program separates itself (8:05-10:55), and what he would like to know from other elite coaches (10:55-12:44). Thanks to Coach Rodriguez and be sure to keep up with the Cachorros on Instagram @l.a._cachorros.

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