Baseball Youth Coaches Show Ep. 03 – Coach Rudy Garcia – MVP Hustle

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In Episode 3, Baseball Youth President Matt Roberts talks with MVP Hustle Coach Rudy Garcia following their 93-2 2018 season about season highlights (0:51-3:29), roster management (3:41-4:28), and off-the-field moments (5:00-6:07). The two dive into the team’s characteristics and values (6:29-8:28), Coach Garcia’s questions for other coaches (8:53-10:01), parent management (10:19-11:22), values as a coaching staff (11:26-13:32), the team’s winter training program (13:52-16:08), in-game adjustments with players (16:44-17:58), and the biggest challenges facing youth baseball (18:10-20:47).

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