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Baseball Youth Future Games – Orlando Results


The Baseball Youth Future Games took on Central Florida over this past weekend. Players showcased their talents and performed at high levels. Below are some of the players that stood out over the weekend! 

Event Dates: October 15-16, 2016

Location: Seminole County Sports Complex in Sanford, Florida

Saturday morning featured our Baseball Youth Skills Session with all participating players. Players went through different stations testing their skills with Arm Velocity, Bat Speed, Accuracy, Running, and more. Check out the Baseball Youth Skills Results below from all participating players.



Later in the day on Saturday and all day Sunday featured Game Action with all participating players placed on individual teams playing with other players from all over the nation. Check out the Baseball Youth Final Results, as well as some players that stood out during the games.

Award Winners

Home Run Derby

Matthew Dobuck Class of 2021-2023

  • Matt could not have had a better weekend at the plate. He ended up taking the Home Run Derby crown in extra time fashion as he was tied with Lucas Hartwell. Dobuck reached base every time this past weekend collecting six total hits, four walks, while scoring three runs.

Adonis Velez Class of 2024-2026

  • Adonis was not only the Home Run Derby Champion but he was also the MVP! Adonis was Mr. Everything this past weekend. When his team needed him to make a play he was able to follow suite. At the plate Adonis was a double machine. Out of his seven hits four were doubles.

Sportsmanship Award

Blake Adams Class of 2021-2023

  • Blake is the kind of teammate that everyone wants to be on their team. Blake made sure after every game to gather up his teammates and lead a team prayer.

Rhyland Richards Class of 2024-2026

  • Rhyland is the kind of player that just wants to play the game. No matter where he was in the lineup or position he was at, Rhyland always brought positive energy for his team.

Hustle Award

Jimmy Koza Class of 2021-2023

Armani Cozza Class of 2024-2026

Nate Weiblinger Class of 2024-2026

  • These three players were always on the fly during the weekend. They were always hustling through first base, quickly getting to their position, and flying around the field making plays.

Clutch Award

Janall Tuitt Class of 2021-2023

  • Despite dealing with a sore arm, Tuitt was able to provide a spark for his team in game two of the Future Games. His hit helped his team get the offense going to solidify his team’s first win of the day.

Robby Ignerto Class of 2024-2026

  • Robby was the king of opposite field hits. His approach at the plate is one that should only help him as his baseball career continues. Of his five hits, including two triples, four of them were to the opposite field.

Chosen One Award

Jimmy Williams Class of 2021-2023

  • Jimmy had a phenomenal first day of the Future Games collecting four total hits with a double. On day two though he was even stronger collecting a single, double, and a triple. We also cannot forget about his dominant performance on the mound striking out eleven hitters!

Loden Johnson Class of 2024-2026

  • The Indiana native came down south to play that is for sure. In his first two games he reached base every single time, collected five hits, and scored three runs.

MVP Award

Jimmy Williams Class of 2021-2023

Adonis Velez Class of 2024-2026


Skills Testing Top Performers

Class of 2021-2023

60 Yard Dash

  1. Matthew Dobuck 7.93
  2. Matthew Dawson 8.00
  3. Jimmy Williams 8.40
  4. Lucas Hartman 8.50
  5. Hayden Krouse 8.65
  6. Simon Leibig 8.70
  7. Payton Taylor 8.90
  8. Jimmy Koza 8.95
  9. Jeymel Estrada 10.00
  10. Blake Adams 10.20

Infield Velocity (MPH)

  1. Lucas Hartman 67
  2. Matthew Dobuck 59
  3. Matthew Dawson 59
  4. Jimmy Williams 58
  5. Blake Adams 55
  6. Jimmy Koza 54
  7. Rielly Perez 54
  8. Cade O’ Hehir 53
  9. Jason Yarbrough 52
  10. Jeymel Estrada 52

Outfield Velocity (MPH)

  1. Lucas Hartman 68
  2. Jimmy Williams 66
  3. Matthew Dobuck 65
  4. Matthew Dawson 63
  5. Inaki Hutchinson 58
  6. Simon Leibig 55
  7. Caden O’ Hehir 55
  8. Jeymel Estrada 53
  9. Payton Taylor 52
  10. Janall Tuit 52

Exit Velocity (Bat Speed MPH)

  1. Lucas Hartman 73
  2. Jimmy Williams 69
  3. Matthew Dawson 69
  4. Cade O’Hehir 68
  5. Inaki Hutchinson 65
  6. Blake Adams 65
  7. Reilly Perez 63
  8. Matthew Dobuck 60
  9. Jason Yarbrough 60
  10. Cory O’Hehir 59

Class of 2024-2026

60 Yard Dash

  1. Camden Brown 8.30
  2. Jacob Cerovac 8.50
  3. Armani Cozza 8.60
  4. Adonys Velez 9.13
  5. Dominick Gotauco 9.43
  6. Jordan Strader 9.63
  7. Robby Yngerto 9.80
  8. Austin Knierim 9.85
  9. Brody Eisenhuth 9.90
  10. Tyler Boyesen 9.92

Infield Velocity (MPH)

  1. Jacob Loeffler 55
  2. Luis Sosa 51
  3. Loden Johnson 49
  4. Jacob Cerovac 48
  5. Adonis Velez 48
  6. Armani Coza 47
  7. Justin Wlliams 47
  8. Rhyland Richards 46
  9. Austin Knierim 46
  10. Klayton Llhardt 45

Outfield Velocity (MPH)

  1. Jacob Cerovac 48
  2. Jacob Loeffler 47
  3. Dominick Gotauco 46
  4. Luis Sosa 45
  5. Loden Johnson 45
  6. Justin Williams 44
  7. Armani Cozza 44
  8. Robby Yngerto 43
  9. Klayton IIhardt 42
  10. Adonis Velez 42

Exit Velocity (Bat Speed MPH)

  1. Loden Johnson 57
  2. Jacob Loeffler 55
  3. Luis Sosa 54
  4. Kaleb Stockwell 54
  5. Adonys Velez 53
  6. Justin Williams 51
  7. Dominick Gotauco 51
  8. Rhyland Richards 51
  9. Robby Ygnerto 50
  10. Tyler Boyesen 50