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Home » News » Baseball Youth Future Games – North Myrtle Beach Recap

Baseball Youth Future Games – North Myrtle Beach Recap


The Baseball Youth Future Games in N. Myrtle Beach wrapped up another successful weekend at the North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex. Over 50 participants from all over the nation competed and were split up into four teams: Team Mike Trout, Team Bryce Harper, Team Buster Posey, Team Kris Bryant.

Event Date: September 2-4, 2016

Location: North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Saturday featured our Baseball Youth Skills Session with all participating players. Players went through different stations testing their skills with Arm Velocity, Bat Speed, Accuracy, Running, and more. Check out the Baseball Youth Skills Results below from all participating players.


Later on Saturday and Sunday featured Game Action with all participating players placed on individual teams playing with other players from all over the nation. Check out the Baseball Youth Final Results, as well as some players that stood out during the games.

Age Division: 2021-2023

Final Game Scores:

Team Bryce Harper 10 Team Mike Trout 9

Team Mike Trout 11 Team Bryce Harper 10

Team Bryce Harper 12 Team Mike Trout 7

Team Mike Trout 12 Team Bryce Harper 12

Age Division: 2024-2026

Final Game Scores:

Team Kris Bryant 8 Team Buster Posey 8

Team Buster Posey 9 Team Kris Bryant 6

Team Kris Bryant 9 Team Buster Posey 14

Team Buster Posey 7 Team Kris Bryant

Home Run Derby Champions

2021-2023: Tyler Minecci

2024-2026: Layken Lyons

Future Games MVP

2021-2023: Jeremiah Mclemore

2024-2026: Narumi Mori

Player Highlights:

Team Bryce Harper (2021-2023)

Jeremiah Mclemore: When his team needed him the most Mclemore came through. One of his highlights was launching a three run home run in game 4 to tie the game up at 12. Mclemore was also solid all weekend behind the plate blocking balls left and right.

Ethan George: Ethan made sure to bring his defense to the table this past weekend. He made multiple diving plays in key situations to help his team to victory.

Nolan Barr: Barr just about hit a home run to every spot over the fence he could this past weekend. Barr averaged over a home run a game, blasting 5 total for the weekend.

Team Mike Trout (2021-2023)

Tyler Minneci: An all around player is the best way to describe Menneci. He flashed the leather, ran well on the base paths, and went a commanding 9 for 11 at the plate.

Luke Preston: Luke was out there to help his team anyway he could. He was very solid defensively and was able to find gaps with his bat consistently.

Ethan Chuck: Ethan was able to help out his team on the mound as well as at the plate. He was able to throw some quality innings for his team in game 4.

Team Kris Bryant (2024-2026)

Layken Lyons: Layken was a strikeout machine in his two innings of work. He struck out four batters total in that span. While doing that Layken put on a showing launching 10 home runs in the derby.

Narumi Mori: Narumi was the man this weekend. When Team Bryant needed something he did it. One of those situations was a bases clearing triple to help seal the deal in game 4.

Colby Shilling: Despite being 8 years old Colby stepped up to play at a high level.  He made tons of plays defensively as well as a great teammate.

Team Buster Posey (2024-2026)

John Chapman: John was the dual guy of the weekend. When he was at the plate he hit for power and provided many runs for his team. He also was very dominant on the mound.

Cayden Kennedy: Cayden was also a solid player for Team Posey offensively. He crushed some balls this past weekend leading to many scoring opportunities.

Damon Bryant: Damon ate up a lot of innings behind the plate this weekend. He did a really good job of blocking up the baseball making It tough on runners to advance.