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Home » News » Baseball Youth Majors Ends Summer in Vero Beach

Baseball Youth Majors Ends Summer in Vero Beach

The Baseball Youth Majors enjoyed its biggest week of the year on July 12-17 as teams from all over the south competed at Historic Dodgertown in Vero Beach, Florida. This week was also unique in that the travel baseball teams on hand were joined by travel softball teams competing in the first Softball Youth Majors.

The festivities kicked off on Sunday, July 12 with the Opening Ceremonies inside Holman Stadium as players and families also got to enjoy the Baseball Youth Fanfest. Historic Dodgertown, the Dodgers Spring Training home for over 50 years, features nine fields and even has rooms on site for teams to stay in.

Teams dodged pop-up storms and rain all week, but the competition was exciting all week long. Besides teams from the continental U.S., there were also several teams from Puerto Rico. The six Majors Champions were the NTX Bulls (9U), Outlaws Elite (10U), PR Islanders (11U), Elite Stars (12U), Score International (13U) and VBBA (14U).

For participating in the Baseball Youth Majors, every player and coach received a huge Majors ring as a keepsake. The Majors will return to Vero Beach and Historic Dodgertown next summer for two weeks on July 10-15 and July 17-22. Click HERE for more information.

Baseball Youth Majors – Vero Beach, FL

9U – NTX Bulls
10U – Outlaws Elite
11U – PR Islanders
12U – Elite Stars
13U – Score International
14U – VBBA