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Home » News » Baseball Youth National Championships Westfield, Indiana!

Baseball Youth National Championships Westfield, Indiana!


The Baseball Youth National Championships were a success in Westfield, Indiana. Over 70 teams from across the nation displayed their talents in the hopes of being crowned a true national champion.

The competition was nothing but stellar between the seven age divisions ranging from eight to fourteen year olds. Out of the seven championship games five of them were decided by two runs or less.

We hope everyone had a great time participating at Grand Park and hope to see you back again next year giving it another shot!

8U Championship: Danville Mustangs (KY): 5 Indiana Spartans: 3

9U Championship: Louisville Sting Yellow (KY): 7   Brooklyn Blue Storm Elite (NY): 5

10U Championship: Midwest Select (IA): 4   Midland Seminoles

11U Championship: Midland Blackhawks (OH): 3   Indiana Blazers (IN)

12U Championship: Ironman Prime (KY): 8   Rockford Big Dogs (IL):

13U Championship: Eric Munson Gold (IA): 11   Team Easton Select (KY): 3

14U Championship: Fort Wayne Diamondbacks (IN): 8   Rawlings Hitters BB Academy (WI): 0