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Home » News » BYNC Spotlight: Ironmen Prime 12U

BYNC Spotlight: Ironmen Prime 12U


Ironmen Prime

Hometown: Sellersburg, Indiana

In Sellersburg, Indiana there is a 12U team known as the Ironmen Prime. The Ironmen have had nothing but success this season with a commanding 60-4 record. Coached by Joe Decker his team has cumulated top notch wins over the East Cobb Astros, Indiana Bulls, Dulin Dodgers, Midwest Elite, and the Arkansas Storm.

This past July, the Ironmen were able to capture the 12U Baseball Youth National Championship at Grand Park in Westfield, Indiana. Their road to the championship consisted of dialing up the number one seed in pool play. Then winning two games in bracket play notching the Rockford Big Dogs 8-6 in a thrilling championship game.

Other 2016 accolades for Prime include: The Travel Ball Select National Championship, Prep Baseball Report World Series Champs, Perfect Game 25 Ohio Valley Champs, Pefect Game Super 25 Midwest Champs, Travel Ball Select Kentucky Major Elite Champs, Gameday Preseason Tourney Champs, and HBRT Grand Slam Champs.

Coach Decker notes, “Playing in the Baseball Youth National Championships was a great experience four our team and a great way to wrap up our season. Our kids had an awesome time.” Decker also feels his team was very even from the top of the order to the bottom of the order. The key to that was the unselfishness from his players. “We had 11 players who were willing to put the team infront of themselves. We had several kids who would bat leadoff and play shortstop for many teams. For us though, they played outfield and batted towards the bottom of the lineup. That is a huge sacrifice for a 12 year old which makes our team so special to me.”

In terms of team statistics over this past season the team offensively was a force that no one wanted to pitch against. The Prime were able to hit close to .500 with no one on the team hitting under .380. Decker does note that even though the team was very good offensively there were some times his team had to flash the leather to get the job done. “Everyone always talks about how well we hit the ball. We did though have several games won though because of how good our defense was.”

The 2017 outlook for the Prime is to try and play in some 14U Tournaments to help prepare themselves for bigger 13U events as the season unfolds. Next year will also throw them the challenge of moving up to a 60-90 playing surface. Decker thinks his team can handle it though, “it will be a huge adjustment going to the bigger field, but I think our players are ready for it.”

The 2017 campaign for the Prime will come soon enough, but in the meantime they can look back on such an outstanding 2016 season. With hopes of riding that momentum the next time they take the field.