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Home » News » BYNC Spotlight: Louisville Sting 9U

BYNC Spotlight: Louisville Sting 9U


Louisville Sting

Louisville, KY

North Central Kentucky may be known most for being horse country, but it is also known for a 9U Travel Baseball Team, with that being the Louisville Sting. This past July the Sting took their talents to the Baseball Youth National Championships in Westfield, Indiana where they were able to put on a show capturing the 9U Championship.

That though is not the only showing the Sting have put together during 2016. They ended up finishing the year with a stellar 38-4 record with six other tournament championships to add to their trophy case. Those titles include: HRBT Grand Slam Champs, BPA Spring Easter Bash, HRBT Clash for Rings, Bullpen Tournaments Super Select, USSSA #CalvinStrong Spring Classic, and Athletx-Youth Baseball Nationals.

The Sting are coached by Aaron Flaker. He notes this team has had success at such a young age due to a key component. “Our kids understand their role on the team and do not try to outdo themselves. They play within their strengths and try to maximize those every time they take the field.”

The success this past season though did not happen overnight. The Sting program dates back to almost four years ago with these kids. Flaker and his staff started working with them when the kids were between the ages of 5-6. During this time the kids did not play any games, it was more trying to teach the kids from the ground up the basics of the game. After that development stage the Sting got into playing games where their early development helped pay off. As a program they have been able to compile an overall record of 124-7 to date. Even with that record Flaker says his team is always hungry to be better. “We are proud of being a good team but these kids are always looking to get better. When they show up to practice they are ready to do whatever it takes to develop into a better-rounded player.”

Most might think with that great record that the Sting draws players from all over the place but that is not the case. “What is unique about our team is that all of our kids live in about a 15 mile area from where we play at in Eastern Louisville. So these kids have gotten to get to know one another very well since they started with the developmental stage.”

When it comes to the 2017 season baseball season, the 2016 version will pretty much be a carbon copy in terms of players only adding one newcomer who took last year off. In fact, these young men will not only be playing baseball together they will be playing as a basketball team this upcoming Fall and Winter.

For Flaker coaching this team has been an awesome experience due to the attitude of his players. “We have a bunch a blue-collar kids that play the game the right way. They show up and compete to the best of their ability and treat opponents with respect.”

So the next time you are in horse country you now know the Louisville Sting are creating a name for themselves there too!