Fielding Drills in Minimal Space

By Eric Tyler Unfortunately, for baseball players all over the country: WINTER IS COMING! So the sad reality is that many of you may not have the luxury to throw some spikes on and head to the [...]

Campus Connection: Michigan

An inside look at Michigan Baseball Quick hits: Founded: 1866 Students: 44,718 Location: Ann Arbor, MI Nickname: Wolverines Conference: Big Ten Conference Home Field: Ray Fisher Stadium at Wilpon [...]

1 Drill to Stop Swinging Down

By: Eric Tyler One of the biggest flaws with youth hitters is their inability to swing up on the ball effectively. And whether it be their size, age, or ability level, many are taught not to. In [...]

Slow Roller Ladder Drill for Infielder

By Eric Tyler One big issue I have noticed with young infielders during my lessons at Baseball Rebellion is the inability to field a slow roller while still remaining athletic. They tend to stop [...]

State of the Game Part 3: Play Ball

By: Eric Kaufman Click here to read Part 2: Commitment Word Count: 2,574; 9.5 minute read “What really tied the room together, Dude?” — Theodore Donald “Donny” Kerabatsos So far in this [...]

Player to Watch: Neko Hall

Age: 12 Hometown: Howell, MI Travel team: WOW Position(s): P/C/1B/3B Anyone who has ever been around Neko on the ball field knows that he has an unmatched passion for the game; constantly [...]

5 Drills for Better Upper Body Swing Mechanics

By Garrett Gordon The upper body in the swing is very crucial. It is part of what’s holding and ultimately delivering the bat to contact. Unfortunately, the upper body is where most hitters [...]

Player to Watch: Bret Echelbarger

Age: 14 Hometown: Kokomo, IN Travel team: USAthletic Position(s): P/C/3B As USAthletic’s unanimous captain, Bret sets an example for his teammates on and off the field. On the diamond, Bret [...]

State of the Game Part 2: Commitment

By: Eric Kaufman Click here to read Part 1: Who’s on First? 2,160 words: an 8-minute read A pig and a chicken are walking down the road. The chicken says: “Hey, Pig, I was thinking we [...]

Increase Bat Speed with Double Snap Towel Drive

Increase Bat Speed with a PVC Pipe By Tyler Zupcic If you are looking to increase your bat speed, pick up a PVC. There are many types of PVC progressions that promise to increase bat speed out [...]