Pre-Game Warmup Plans: How to Get Your Hitters Ready in Any Scenario

By Eric Tyler Your team is an hour early for their first game for a tournament. You’ve never been to this field complex before. You’re looking around to see what’s available for warming up. Do [...]

Fouling Pitches Straight Back? You’re Probably Just Late.

By: Chas Pippitt Pop-ups…Everyone hates them. Coaches, Parents, Hitters…(pitchers don’t count).  So why do they happen? There are a few obvious reasons like swinging too low or [...]

Stop Getting Jammed & Start Hitting Barrels

By Garrett of Baseball Rebellion Stop Getting Jammed & Start Hitting Barrels The bat path of all great hitters gets in the zone and stays through the zone for a long time. The direction of [...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: August 28-30, 2020

3&2’S EVOLUTION SERIES POWERED BY WILSON BASEBALL 11U: TX/FL Canes Elite: 15 Team Arkansas: 0 12U: KC Prime: 7 Mojo Baseball Blue: 3 13U: STL Dynamite Black: 7 Building Champions UA [...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: August 21-23

South Carolina Summer NIT 10U: TG Dbacks: 8 SBA Nationals: 2 View this post on Instagram USSSA Super NIT champions in Colombia, South Carolina! This win gives us a bid to the Elite 32 in Florida [...]

Baseball IQ: The Pump Fake Throw

By Eric Tyler of Baseball Rebellion What is Baseball IQ? Knowledge is Power Scroll twitter for five minutes and you’ll find 10 different instructional drills/videos on how to become a better [...]

Creating the Engine in Your Swing- Javy Baez Swing Breakdown

By JK Whited of Baseball Rebellion Creating the Engine to Your Swing There are two key factors that determine the exit velocity of every ball that you hit. Bat Speed Square Contact Both of these [...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: July 17-19

USSSA Wilson DeMarini Elite World Series 9U: Shock Prime: 10 Tampa Heat: 2 10U: Diamond Elite-Wilson: 11 Swamp Donkeys: 3 11U: Stars Future Baseball: 9 NTX Eagles: 3 12U: Texas Canes Elite: 13 [...]

DO NOT Take the Knob to the Ball

By Garrett of Baseball Rebellion DON’T Push the Knob to the Ball Taking the hands out of the swing is something that hitters have a hard time trusting.  Often leads to mis-hits and [...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: July 3-5

PG Texas State Championships 10U Major: Dynasty 10U Black: 7 Backyard Ballers: 4 11U AAA: Young Guns: 7 Velocity Baseball: 4 12U AAA: Texas Banditos Black: 13 Sabers Baseball- Turquoise: 0 13U [...]