Each and every Monday, Baseball Youth will be bringing you a comprehensive list of the 10 best plays in college baseball from the previous week. Check back each week to see what plays made the [...]

Hitting Terms Every Coach Must Know

By Chas Pippitt Do You Know Today’s Most Commonly Used Hitting Terms? If not, this article will be extremely helpful for you. It’s important for moms, dads, coaches, and players to [...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: February 8-9, 2020

PGBA Frozen Ropes Classic 11U 5 Star Tigers Myers: 7 FBC Wolves: 6 12U Inferno Black: 5 Paw Sox: 4 13U 5 Star Schlosser: 13 Chet Lemons Juice: 6 14U Florida Hurricanes 2024 Platinum: 13 FBH [...]

How Players & Parents Can Better Understand the Strike Zone

By: Chas Pippitt Recently, a few parents and players have talked to me about the ‘strike zone’ issues. Usually, they describe a bad call or two that the ump called on their son or daughter which [...]

How The High-Tee Drill Can Help Your Hitters

By Eric Tyler Why Set The Ball Higher Than The Strikezone? When training youth hitters, exaggerated drills are often needed. Drills that can help get the hitter to understand just how dramatic of [...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: January 25-26, 2020

Domingo Ayala “Semi Pro” Tournament 9U Southern Nevada Baseball: 11 Clutch Baseball Powered by I-5: 3 10U The Club: 6 GBG Vegas Red: 4 11U Las Vegas High Heat: 10 Southern Nevada [...]

Mastering Head Position in the Swing: The Head Pivot Drill

By Chas Pippitt Head Movement in the Swing Hitting a moving ball is hard enough as it is without moving your eyes in the middle of the rotation! Many times, players have a hard time maintaining [...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: January 18-20, 2020

Rankings are reflective of the 2019 end-of-season Baseball Youth Elite 25 Rankings, which can be found here. USSSA MLK/SELECT30 SUPER NIT: Southern California 10U MVP Hustle Ruiz 1oU: 14 Chino [...]

Understanding the Competitive Edge

By Garrett Gordon What Are You Doing to Gain a Competitive Edge on Your Opponents? In this day and age of getting participation trophies and everyone making the all-star team gives kids a false [...]

One Drill to Help Youth Fielders Charge the Ball Better

By Eric Tyler Charging groundballs is an issue many infielders struggle with. To fix that, Baseball Rebellion’s bringing back one of baseball’s oldest drill games. Pepper is a game that has [...]