Why Egypt? Because Baseball.

On first glance, baseball and Egypt seem to go together like peanut butter and motor oil. But first glances are rarely reliable, especially when the subject of said glance is complex, layered and [...]

Destination: Canada

An inside look at the state of baseball in the Great White North. By: Trey Huntsman A revolution began on October 14, 2015. On that day, Jose Bautista sent Canada into a frenzy when he launched a [...]

Destination: Australia

Baseball’s Best Kept Secret They should’ve made an announcement. An impossible-to-miss, siren-blaring, nothing-else-matters broadcast to the entire world. Because I didn’t know, and you [...]

Destination: Puerto Rico

From legends of the past to the stars of today, few countries can boast a roster of Major of League players as skilled, passionate and determined as those from Puerto Rico. Beginning with the [...]