Baseball IQ: The Pump Fake Throw

By Eric Tyler of Baseball Rebellion What is Baseball IQ? Knowledge is Power Scroll twitter for five minutes and you’ll find 10 different instructional drills/videos on how to become a better [...]

DO NOT Take the Knob to the Ball

By Garrett of Baseball Rebellion DON’T Push the Knob to the Ball Taking the hands out of the swing is something that hitters have a hard time trusting.  Often leads to mis-hits and [...]

Angled Tee Drill

In this day and age, there is a huge argument about “Feel vs Real”. Understanding the difference is crucial for your development as a hitter. Doing drills that you feel and that will [...]

How Important is it to Break in Your Glove The RIGHT Way?

In a sport full of superstitions none are more prevalent than the sacred relationship between an infielder and his glove. They will go to extended measures to keep it intact including carrying it [...]

How Can Your Shoes Affect Your Swing?

By Eric Tyler of Baseball Rebellion Why is Balance so Important?  Stability and balance. Two major factors in swing quality. The hardest thing to do in sports is to be “on-time” with a [...]

How to Eliminate a Long Swing

By Garrett Gordon Staying connected in the swing is vital for a hitter’s success.  Cast your hands and barrel in your swing can result in poor contact and consistency when hitting. [...]

Finding & Maintaining Confidence as a Hitter

By JK Whited “Confidence: A feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or reliance on one’s circumstances.” Have you ever met a professional athlete at the highest level?  If you [...]

My First Year as a Little League Dad

By Chas Pippitt A Year of Firsts for This New Baseball Dad My oldest son, Bryant, is now playing his first year of Little League baseball. He’s almost six, so he’s in machine pitch and loving [...]

Increase Your Power with Angled Medicine Ball Throws

By Eric Tyler More Power with Angled Medicine Ball Throws Often times hitters are hampered by the inability to rotate in the proper sequence. Whether their lower body rotates too far, or their [...]