Pre-Game Warm Up

By Eric Tyler You’re team is an hour early for their first game for a summer-ball tournament. You’ve never been to this field complex before. You’re looking around to see what’s available for [...]

Weekend Tournament Nutrition Plan

By Kyle Harris How to Make Sure Your Player Receives Proper Nutrition During Those Long Weekend Tournaments One of the best things you can do for your son or daughter during their weekend-long [...]

Footwork for First Basemen

By: Eric Tyler Who’s On First? When I say ‘First Basemen’, the first thing that comes to mind is a big power hitter who just has to catch the ball thrown to them. However, when taking a deeper [...]

The Best Way to Hit More Home Runs

Home Run Opportunity Percentage By Tyler Zupcic Train to Hit More Doubles, Triples, and Homers for ALL Ages The other day, our business manager, Chris Gennaro, approached me with a stat I had [...]

Talking to Umpires: The Do’s & Don’ts for Players, Parents, and Coaches

By Chas Pippitt How you talk to an umpire can be the difference between winning and losing. These men and women are not robots, they have both emotions and memories. More than likely, they will [...]

The Truth About Barrel Turn

By Chas Pippitt Turn the Body First First, before you do ANYTHING with the upper body during the swing, the lower body and torso must rotate properly. That means the stride needs to be correct [...]

How to Increase Exit Velocity? Learn First, THEN Load!

Exit velocity is quite the buzz-worthy topic these days. Just as pitchers have gone through the unrelenting quest to increase their throwing velocity, hitters are doing the same thing with bat [...]

5 Swing Clogging Moves To Avoid

By JK Whited I often get my hitters to envision the flow of energy in their swings as water flowing through pipes. If the pattern of a hitter’s swing is precise, the energy, or [...]

10 Tee Drills for More Power

By Chas Pippitt Frequently, Baseball Rebellion is emailed with questions about the Launch Angle Tee, one of our products. Many times, these emails have questions about the tee or adapter top [...]

5 New Habits to Dominate Summer Ball

By Chas Pippitt Your spring season is coming to an end. School is out soon. Summer is here! If you’re like thousands of kids across the country that means one thing: SUMMER BASEBALL! Make sure [...]

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