Partner Ground Ball Drill for Hand-Eye Coordination

By: Eric Tyler It is no mistake that the worst infielders are typically the tightest and most rigid. All great infielders have a loose rhythm about everything from their footwork, throwing [...]

The Turn to Catch Drill

Learn to See the Ball Better! By: JK Whited The Turn to Catch Drill is a great way for hitters of all ages to train seeing the ball better. You see, the hitter’s head movement during the swing [...]

Properly Training Timing Indoors

By Chas Pippitt What’s the best way to challenge hitters? Is it facing a coach throwing BP? No. Front Toss? Not a chance. If you don’t have access to having your hitters hit off a [...]

State of the Game Part 2: Commitment

By: Eric Kaufman Click here to read Part 1: Who’s on First? 2,160 words: an 8-minute read A pig and a chicken are walking down the road. The chicken says: “Hey, Pig, I was thinking we [...]

5 Swing Clogging Moves To Avoid

By JK Whited I often get my hitters to envision the flow of energy in their swings as water flowing through pipes. If the pattern of a hitter’s swing is precise, the energy, or [...]

The Weekend-Wrap Up for April 18-20, 2019

Is your team participating in a notable travel event this weekend? We’d like to know! Submit your recaps with any photos or videos from the tournament and you could be featured in the BY Weekly [...]

The Weekend Wrap-up for April 12-14, 2019

Xtreme Diamond Best of the West NIT  Various Parks, California 10U (Played at Orange County Great Park) MVP Hustle Garcia – 12 Top Notch Elite – 4 Despite the lopsided final score, [...]