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Home » News » Create and Submit Your Own Video for the Baseball Youth All-American Games

Create and Submit Your Own Video for the Baseball Youth All-American Games


We understand that not everyone can attend a Baseball Youth® All-American Combine. Because we want everyone to have an equal opportunity, parents and players can submit a video to be analyzed. This process will be treated the same as if your player was going through the combine in person, and you will still receive all of the benefits that come along with participating in the Baseball Youth® All-American Combines.



Each participant receives the following:

  • Professional Player Evaluation
  • Baseball Youth® All-American Performance Shirt
  • One Year subscription to Baseball Youth – The Nation’s Baseball Magazine For Kids
  • Every player that participates in a Baseball Youth® All-American Combine will be featured in our Baseball Youth Magazine as a part of the Baseball Youth® All-American Prospects.
  • Sponsor giveaways from partners such as EvoShield, DeMarini, SKLZ, and more!

The submitted video DOES NOT have to be professional quality, but it must be organized, clear and well done. Video recorded with a cell phone is not recommended as the frames per second is typically lower than a video camera, and this is important for video analysis. The video will be carefully analyzed, and you will receive an evaluation after the submission. We ask that you complete all necessary registration requirements and your $150 payment be paid in full upon submission. We have included guidelines to guarantee your video contains everything needed for quality analysis.

For a fair analysis to be done, we recommend that your player be taken to a local baseball facility/academy if the following tools are not available:

  • Radar Gun (Not necessary, but one will help for a more thorough analysis)
  • Area to Show Range
  • Stop Watch
  • Tape Measure for Bases (If not on a field)
  • Individuals to receive the ball when thrown from position.

Baseball Youth® in NO WAY guarantees a player will be chosen as a Baseball Youth® All-American just by submitting a video. What we do guarantee is that your player will have the same opportunity as others who attend Baseball Youth® All-American Combines. We also reserve the right ask for a re-submission if the first video cannot be analyzed due to quality or content.


Your video will need to contain the following content to be successfully submitted for analysis by Baseball Youth professionals. You may provide extra content if you feel it is necessary.

Check out THIS VIDEO for an example of a self-produced combine!

Player Introduction

We want to know who you are. Take a few seconds to tell us your name, age, who you play for, where you are from, what position you play, and why you want to be a Baseball Youth® All-American.

Players will need to show the following offensive skills:

  • Tee Work
    – To give us an accurate idea of Zone hitting, we will need to see 6 total swings off of the tee. Two pitches inside, 2 pitches down the middle, and 2 pitches set up on the outside of the plate.
    – After the 6 Swings are complete, we would like to see batted ball velocity with two swings with the ball set up on the middle of the plate.
  • 5 Soft Toss
    – These do not have to be in a set location, this will allow us to see the load and swing phases of your swing, as well as free swing mechanics.
  • 3 Bunts
    – This is a fundamental skill that should be mastered by every type of player, big or small, as it is a necessary skill of a complete player.
  • 10 Swings Live on the Field/Cage (Preferably a field!)
    – This will allow us to see free swing mechanics as well as zone hitting, bat path, and complete hitting. This will also give us a good idea of your overall hitting ability and power.


  • Arm Velocity
    – To perform this test, simply throw into a net off of a hop if you are a position player, and out of the wind-up if you are a pitcher. Make sure you are loose before throwing the ball with maximum effort.
    – You will throw 3 times.
    – We highly suggest you do this with a radar gun, if possible, as this will allow for a more thorough evaluation. It will not count against you, but can only help out your results.
  • Arm Accuracy and Fielding Ability
    – Players will throw from the infield and the outfield. You must have somebody filming, and another individual catching the ball at first base for the infield, and at home plate for the outfield.
    – You will field 2 ground balls right at you, 2 backhand, 2 forehand and 1 slow roller.
  • Arm Accuracy and Outfield Ability
    – Players will field 2 fly balls right at them, 1 to each side and a slow roller. All plays will be made as if there is a play at the plate.
  • Pitching
    – 10 total throws off of the mound, 5 out of the wind-up, 5 out of the stretch

Speed and Agility

These tests will need to be done carefully because improper technique could cause injury. Baseball Youth® is in no way responsible for any injury that could result from testing of any kind.

  • Home-to-First
  • Pro-Shuttle
  • Box Cone Drill
  • Broad Jump