Feel vs. Real? What makes Mike Trout great?

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By Tyler Zupcic

How Mike Trout Prepares for Games

What do the best hitters practice? What if I told you that most of them have no idea why they are practicing something. Most of them will just do the same drills they were taught and never change. However, you have seen that players nowadays are taking more control of their swing. Guys like JD Martinez, Justin Turner, Hunter Pence, just to name a few, have revamped their swing paths and have helped each of them elongate their career.

There is one player, who happens to be the best player on the planet, who practices something completely different from what he actually does. Now if you have been following us for a while you know that this is something we talk about quite often. A hitter’s ‘feel’ and how it connects to what the hitter actually does.

I wanted to breakdown the thought process of Mike Trout compared to what his body actually does in the swing. The results are quite shocking.

Is ‘Feel’ Actually Real?

As you can see, Mike Trout practices something that we would NEVER want our hitters to practice here at BR. Does that mean he is wrong? Absolutely not. But our job as professional hitting instructors is to put hitters in the best positions to be successful at the plate. Would we shy away from doing something like this if the hitter absolutely needed it? No, we wouldn’t. 

Mike Trout has said he has practiced this his whole life. Check out his swing in High School compared to his swing in the big leagues.

It really is quite beautiful to see a hitter of that age swing the bat so efficiently. Again, his practices and ‘feels’ produced that swing at a young age. It is very uncommon for this to hold true for other hitters! One thing I encourage every young hitter to do is to copy the SWING’S of the best hitters, NOT how they practice.The MOST OPTIMAL way to swing a bat does exist. There are different ways of getting there but at the end of the day, it is most crucial that every hitter gets the bat moving up towards contact. This will help them with their hitting zone as well as hitting the ball harder and farther.

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