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Home » News » First 2014 Baseball Youth Elite 25 Rankings to be Released May 1

First 2014 Baseball Youth Elite 25 Rankings to be Released May 1

The SY Titans, out of Santa Ynez, California, captured the top 12U ranking in Baseball Youth's Elite 25 last year.

Baseball Youth’s Elite 25 Rankings are back for 2014, and the first poll will be released on May 1 for age groups 9U-13U. The rankings will be updated every two weeks on and will be published in Baseball Youth Issues No. 3, 4 and 5.

Teams are judged based on overall record, previous tournaments, championships won, competition faced, record against ranked teams and recent performances. The final summer rankings from 2013 in 9U-12U will also be taken into account.

Below the top 25 teams in each age group will be five Honorable Mention teams that just missed the cut. These teams will have the chance to jump up into the rankings with strong performances in upcoming tournaments or missteps by any of ranked teams. Click the Rankings tab above to view the most recent lists.

Should your team be ranked?  Should we be watching out for your team in the coming weeks? Give us your opinion on our Facebook page!