Baseball Youth Future Games

Future Games

Branson, MO

April 7-8, 2018

Ballparks of America

1000 Pat Nash Dr Branson, MO 65616


The Future Games include individual players from across the nation of all skill levels for a weekend of instruction, energy, game play, skill measurements, and camaraderie. Every player will be recognized during the Opening Ceremonies, go through a full hands-on practice with a Baseball Youth Scout, step into the box for at least three games, get a player profile on the Baseball Youth website full of their skill measurements and have the opportunity to win gold glove, sportsmanship, and hustle awards.

Participants can also earn their way to the Baseball Youth All-American Games and Baseball Youth Elite Teams based on feedback from Coaches.

Our Baseball Youth Future Games are OPEN TO ANY PLAYER. Great way to prepare any young player confidences and understanding of what to expect at future showcase events during their high school career. Join us for a terrific weekend of ball for any youth player at the Baseball Youth Future Games! Select the Baseball Youth Future Games location you’re interested below.

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All Baseball Youth Future Games are “stay to play” events. In order to participate in the tournaments, all athletes are required to book their lodging through HBC. HBC has secured specially discounted rates with the top properties in the area.


April 7, 2018

9:00-10:00am – Player Check-In / Player Swag Distribution / Media Hype

10:00-10:30am Opening Ceremonies

10:30am-12:00pm Player Instruction / Team Workout

12:00-12:45pm Lunch

1:00pm – Future Games Class of 2024-25 (Lime vs Black)

1:00pm – Future Games Class of 2024-25 (Lime vs Black)

1:00pm – Future Games Class of 2026-28 (Lime vs Black)

3:00pm – Future Games Class of 2024-25 (Black vs Lime)

3:00pm – Future Games Class of 2026-28 (Graphite vs Black)

5:00pm Future Games Class of 2026-2028 (Lime vs Graphite)

5:15pm 2024-2025 HR Derby

7:00pm 2026-2028 HR Derby

April 8, 2018

9:00am – Future Games Class of 2024-25 (Lime vs Black)

9:00am – Future Games Class of 2026-28 (Black vs Lime)

9:15am Skills Assessments Class of 2026-28 (Graphite)

11:00am Future Games Class of 2024-25 (Black vs Lime)

11:00am Future Games Class of 2026-28 (Lime vs Graphite)

11:15am Skills Assessments Class of 2026-28 (Black)

1:00pm – Future Games Class of 2026-2028

1:15pm – Skills Assessments Class of 2024-25 & 2026-28 (Lime)


  • Outstanding Facilities
  • Game Play / Instructional / Professional Workout / Skills Testing
  • Future Games Jersey and Hat
  • Awards for Outstanding Players
  • National recognition as participating in the Baseball Youth Future Games
  • Conducted by Baseball Youth Scouts
  • Extensive Media Coverage
  • Possible Selections for our Baseball Youth All-American Games,  Baseball Youth Elite Teams, and more.


Open to any players whose High School Graduation Class is between 2022-2028 playing in the following divisions: 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U. Player rankings / skills assessments are now categorized by High School Graduation Class not current age division. This will be displayed on all future player profiles online. For game play only, players are placed on teams by age division and if necessary could be combined with 9U-10U group, 11U-12U group, and 13U-14U group.

  • 2022 - 8th Grade
  • 2023 - 7th Grade
  • 2024 - 6th Grade
  • 2025 - 5th Grade
  • 2026 - 4th Grade
  • 2027 - 3rd Grade
  • 2028 - 2nd Grade
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