Gear Review: Oakley Radar EV Path Sunglasses

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It’s not unfair to say baseball helped bring Oakley into the mainstream. For a generation of fans, their first experience with the California-based brand was witnessing players like Chipper Jones, Pudge Rodriguez and Jose Canseco sporting Oakley’s Pro M Frames, a precursor to the Radar EV Path offering currently being worn by big leaguers and youth players alike.

Like many of Oakley’s frames, including the iconic Pro M, the Radar EV Path pays homage to the company’s early days when it manufactured goggles for skiers and motocross riders. The single-piece Extended View (EV) lens offers fielders a field of view most brands simply can’t match. Meanwhile, the lightweight yet durable frame feels so light on the face that players can forget they’re wearing sunglasses at all.

On the surface, it may be tempting to say the evolution of Oakley’s Radar shades has been slow, if not stagnant; however, the subtle differences in design and tech (The Radar EV Path utilizes the brand’s cutting-edge O Matter™ and famous Unobtanium® grip) have led to great strides in comfort, fit and performance. The taller lens means the glasses sit higher on the forehead, giving athletes an even greater unobstructed field of view, and the Unobtanium® grip keeps the glasses secure, regardless of whether you’re diving full-speed into third or leaping to rob a home run in straightaway center.

There are some negatives to the Oakley Radar EV Path sunglasses, though. The first is price. If you want Oakley quality, you’ll have to pay for it. Ranging in price from $193 to $233, the Radar Path EV price tag can be a tall order for parents whose kids will likely grow out of a pair of sunglasses within a year. Additionally, the length of the earpiece can make it difficult for some players to comfortably situate their hats. Finally, the style may not be for everybody. The official Baseball Youth position is that Oakley’s signature style is what makes the brand so unique, and the Radar EV Path, like its Pro M Frame predecessor, is a sleek evolution of an iconic baseball look.



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