How Important is it to Break in Your Glove The RIGHT Way?

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In a sport full of superstitions none are more prevalent than the sacred relationship between an infielder and his glove. They will go to extended measures to keep it intact including carrying it onto planes as a carry on (seriously). The reason they are so cautious with their glove is that it is broken in exactly how they like it and they don’t want to lose that. 

Breaking in a glove is always an interesting topic. From baking it in the oven, covering it in shaving cream, and even lathering it in vaseline, athletes go to drastic measures to make their glove feel like an extension of their hand.

And, that’s what it has to be, an extension of their hand.

So how can the molding of the glove benefit and play a role in the success of the fielder? Does the break-in make that big of a difference?

Can the way you break in a glove result in more errors?

Let’s take a dive into how an infielder can break in their glove to positively affect their defense.

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