Increase Bat Speed with Double Snap Towel Drive

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Increase Bat Speed with a PVC Pipe

By Tyler Zupcic

If you are looking to increase your bat speed, pick up a PVC. There are many types of PVC progressions that promise to increase bat speed out there on Twitter and YouTube. Most of them, unfortunately, do not accomplish the ‘feel’ they’re intended to put into the swing.

We have one PVC drill we really like to help hitters understand HOW to snap the bat into the zone. The key to the double snap dowel drill is the SOUND the ‘whoosh’ of the dowel and where that sound happens. The other key is when the dowel ‘hits’ your bottom hand forearm relative to pitch location and depth. Not only with this help increase bat speed, but it will also help the hitter see and feel the tilt needed with the upper body to hit certain pitch locations.

PVC Drill for More Bat Speed

Some keys to the PVC Double Snap Dowel Drill are:

  • Get a PVC pipe that is about 5 feet long
  • Choke up about 12 to 18 inches on the pipe
  • Snap the PVC pipe into the zone with your turn and your wrists
  • Vary the ‘location’ of the pitch to learn all the hitting zones
  • Delay the ‘snap’ and ‘whoosh’ of the bat the more in front or inside the pitch is
  • Make the ‘snap’ and ‘whoosh’ sooner if the pitch is low or outside
  • The PVC should hit your forearm at the contact point of where the pitch would have been hit.

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