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The philosopher Michael Gary Scott once observed that fall is the “most contemplative of seasons,” and while that might sound like the kind of sage wisdom typically reserved for Hallmark cards and Thomas Kinkade paintings, it is an apt description of the youth baseball offseason. For players, parents and coaches, fall is an opportunity to reflect on the summer, to identify areas for improvement and to reminisce about the memories made. For us at Baseball Youth, fall is an opportunity to unpack what we’ve learned. We watched a lot of baseball over the summer. Our paths crossed with players, coaches and parents from four countries, all 50 states and countless hometowns. We also spent the summer conducting surveys, gathering data, and interviewing some of the industry’s most knowledgeable stakeholders. In this three-part series, we will use that information to provide a comprehensive, data-driven appraisal of the state of travel baseball.

In Part 1, we focus on participation. How does youth baseball participation stack up against other sports? Who’s playing it? How is it structured? How’d we get here? Check back tomorrow.

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