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Home » News » It’s time for the Little League World Series

It’s time for the Little League World Series


With the Little League World Series kicking off this week in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. We are diving in at Baseball Youth to tell you about each team across the nation on how they made it to play in their childhood dream!

And here they are!!!!

Great Lakes Region

Team: Bowling Green Eastern Little League

Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Bowling Green scored a total of 29 runs in three games taking the Great Lakes Region Title.  Bowling Green had a crazy championship game against Essexville-Hampton Little League out of Michigan. The game began in Indianapolis, Indiana this past Saturday and was suspended due to rain. The game was then moved to the home of Little League Baseball Howard J. Lamade Stadium in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. That is where Bowling Green scrapped out seven runs in the first four innings to take a 7-0 advantage. That lead was theirs the whole way as they routed the Michigan Champion 7-2.

Bowling Green Eastern Little League Great Lakes Region Results:

Game 1 8/10: Bowling Green 11 Ohio 1

Game 2 8/12: Bowling Green 11 Wisconsin 6

Game 3 8/15: Bowling Green 7 Michigan 2


Mid-Atlantic Region

Team: Maine-Endwell Little League

Location: Endwell, New York

Maine-Endwell went a perfect 4-0 in the Mid-Atlantic Region to capture their ticket to Williamsport. In the final game Endwell used a dominant performance on the mound by pitcher Michael Mancini compiling nine strikeouts in five total innings. This will be Maine-Endwell’s first ever appearance in the Little League World Series.

Maine-Endwell Little League Mid-Atlantic Region Results

Game 1 8/7: Maine-Endwell 8 New Jersey 6

Game 2 8/8: Maine-Endwell 1 Delaware 0

Game 3 8/10: Maine-Endwell 8 Washington D.C. 2

Game 4 8/13: Maine-Endwell 6 Pennsylvania 2


Midwest Region

Team: Johnston Little League

Location: Johnston, Iowa

Johnston had one main ingredient in the region they kept using over and over again… pitching, pitching, and more pitching! In their three games in the region they pitched two shut outs and the other game they gave up a one run. For Johnston Little League it will be their first appearance as well in Williamsport.

Johnston Little League Midwest Region Results

Game 1 8/8: Johnston 9 Minnesota 0

Game 2 8/10: Johnston 7 Nebraska 1

Game 3 8/13: Johnston 3 Kansas 0


New England Region

Team: Warwick North Little League

Location: Warwick, Rhode Island

Representing the smallest state in the nation loud and proud is Warwick North Little League. In the championship game the team rode the back of Colin Lemiuex who provided three RBI at the plate and did not give up an earned run on the mound over five innings of work.

Warwick North Little League New England Region Results

Game 1 8/8: Warwick 5 Maine 2

Game 2 8/10: Warwick 10 Massachusetts 7

Game 3 8/13: Warwick 5 Connecticut 1


Northwest Region

Team: Bend North Little League

Location: Bend, Oregon

For Bend Little League the start to the region was not what they anticipated losing 8-2 to Washington in their first game. They took that to heart though and rallied off four straight victories topping Washington 5-1 in the championship when it mattered the most. For Bend it will be their first trip to Williamsport and marks only the sixth time ever a team from Oregon has played in the series

Bend North Little League Northwest Region Results

Game 1 8/8: Washington 8 Bend 2

Game 2 8/9: Bend 6 Alaska 2

Game 3 8/10: Bend 15 Montana 0

Game 4 8/12: Bend 12 Idaho 0

Game 5 8/13: Bend 5 Washington 1


Southeast Region

Team: Goodlettsville Baseball Little League

Location: Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Ringing in the runs was Goodlettsville in the Southeast Region posting a 15-3 victory over Peachtree City American Little League. The bats got started early in the game scoring nine total in the completion of three innings. Overall, the Tennessee natives went 4-0 winning three of their games by three runs or less to be the last team standing in the Southeast.

Goodlettsville Baseball Little League Southeast Region Results

Game 1 8/5: Goodlettsville 5 South Carolina 3

Game 2 8/6: Goodlettsville 6 Georgia 3

Game 3 8/8: Goodlettsville 5 West Virginia 4

Game 4 8/10: Goodlettsville 15 Georgia 3


Southwest Region

Team: McAlister Park Little League

Location: San Antonio, Texas

McAlister Park was able to get off to a fast start in the region winning its first two games with ease posting back to back shutouts. There was a road block in the way though in game three where McAlister suffered a 9-6 loss to New Mexico. They came back full steam ahead dodging past Louisiana and then captured the title getting revenge on New Mexico winning 13-3 in the final game.

McAlister Park Little League Southwest Region Results

Game 1 8/4: McAlister Park 3 Louisiana 0

Game 2 8/6: McAlister Park 14 Arkansas 0

Game 3 8/8: New Mexico 9 McAlister Park 6

Game 4 8/9: McAlister Park 8 Louisiana 4

Game 5 8/10: McAlister Park 13 New Mexico 3


West Region

Team: Park View Little League

Location: Chula Vista, California

In the first three games of the West Region offense was the name of the game for Park View ripping off 39 runs in that span. The championship though was a game to remember. It was a lights-out performance by Victor Lizaragga tossing a complete game, allowing one hit, and fanning 13 Nevada hitters. For Park View this will be their second trip ever to Williamsport.

Park View Little League West Region Results

Game 1 8/7: Park View 18 Northern California 3

Game 2 8/8: Park View 7 Arizona 4

Game 3 8/11: Park View 14 Hawaii 11

Game 4 8/13: Park View 1 Nevada 0