Mastering Head Position in the Swing: The Head Pivot Drill

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By Chas Pippitt

Head Movement in the Swing

Hitting a moving ball is hard enough as it is without moving your eyes in the middle of the rotation! Many times, players have a hard time maintaining their head position when swinging a bat. Their head will work forward after the stride foot lands, forward inside the turn, or up inside the turn as well.

All of these head movement flaws are problematic when hitting a moving ball in a game. The two biggest reasons head movement is a problem after the front foot lands are:

  1. They lose sight of the ball– If the hitter is moving their head during their turn, they are also moving their eyes. You can’t hit what you can’t see
  2. The head brings the chest forward– This is a HUGE problem! If the hitter’s head and chest are moving forward as they turn, this severely limits their ability to turn the bat behind them. This causes pop-ups, rollover ground balls, and swing and misses.

Because of these issues, we came up with the Head Pivot Drill and have seen great results with hitters eliminating head movement and making more hard contact. You CAN do the Head Pivot Drill with or without the Rebel’s Rack. We use the Rebel’s Rack to help the hitter feel the back shoulder maintain it’s load through rotation and to discourage early or unnecessary extension.

The Head Pivot Drill 

Keys to the Head Pivot Drill

  • Put your head on the L screen pole or a wall
  • Rotate under your head with your shoulders not hitting the wall or screen pole
  • Finish rotation with back shoulder high and back foot having pulled through
  • Straighten front leg while turning and push hips BACK not up
  • Make sure the front leg straightens through the heel of the front foot

Major Head Movement Flaws to Avoid

  • Head moving forward during the turn
  • Forward movement of the head after front foot landing
  • Hitter’s head moves upward inside the turn

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