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Home » News » On the Hot Seat with Giancarlo Stanton

On the Hot Seat with Giancarlo Stanton

Miami Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton has been one of the best power hitters in the game since he broke into the bigs as a 20-year-old. Let’s see how he handles the Hot Seat with Baseball Youth’s Kid Reporter Haley Smilow firing questions at him!

Haley: What is your favorite ballpark other then Marlins Park? And is there a ballpark that you feel you play particularly well in?
Giancarlo: I play very well in Denver, and my favorite ballpark is probably L.A. because I grew up watching the Dodgers play.

Haley: What is the best baseball town in America?
Giancarlo: Miami, of course (chuckles about answer).

Haley: Where does your love of baseball come from?
Giancarlo:Ever since I was a kid my dad would take me to the park and throw as many pitches as I wanted, and I would hit it as far as I could and just doing that and being with him was cool.

Haley: Best advice anyone ever gave you?
Giancarlo: Never change and always be the same. Always work hard and never give up.

Haley: People who influenced you the most?
Giancarlo: My dad and everyone around me. You can learn from everyone so I try and take a little bit from everyone.

Haley: If you were not playing Baseball what else could you see yourself doing?
Giancarlo: Playing football.

Haley: What team you think you would play for?
Giancarlo:Probably like the Patriots.

Haley: What super hero would make the best baseball player and why?
Giancarlo: What super hero has a stick? Someone who could read minds so you know what pitch is coming.

Haley: What is your favorite thing to cook?
Giancarlo: Steak and fried eggs.

Haley: Best baseball movie?
Giancarlo: Major League.

Haley: Top five songs on your iPod?
Giancarlo: “Hypnotize” by Notorious BIG, “This or That” by Black Sheep. Lets see here, what are your top five songs? (Laughing together)
Haley: I don’t update it a lot so I don’t know, but pretty much anything that’s on the pop radio stations.

Haley: What are your walk up songs?
Giancarlo: “Versace” by Drake and “Clique” by Rick Ross.

Haley: What is the best way to break in a new glove?
Giancarlo: You have to oil it up a little bit and just play catch with it.

Haley: Which is better, Stickball or Wiffle ball?
Giancarlo: Wiffle ball for sure.

Haley: If you could change one thing about baseball what would it be?
Giancarlo: Either instant replay or having a DH in the National League.

Haley: What is the best practical joke you have ever seen? Have you been a victim of any practical jokes?
Giancarlo: I have had someone put eye black in my hat before, and you put it on and you can’t see it, and you have it all over your forehead.

Haley:  Have you ever done any practical jokes?
Giancarlo: Yeah, we have wrapped clothes up and dipped them in water and then in the freezer. That’s a good one.

Haley: What advice would you give kids?
Giancarlo: The same advice I got. Never give up! If you start something, finish it!