One Drill to Help the Arm Bar

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By JK Whited

Side Bend and Tilt

Here’s a great drill that you can do indoors that highlights how the tilt and side bend works in a proper swing.  Players and coaches need to understand that ideally the arms should never be used to get the barrel to the incoming pitch (unless having to make a last-second adjustment).

Bent Front Arm

Getting yourself or your players to understand this concept is very important for continued success at the plate. Because of this, a bent front arm in the swing longer it allows the hitter more chance for adjusting to different pitch speeds.

This drill is an easy set up in your garage or whatever space you have at home.  In addition, players need to make sure the barrel rotates under and around their hands.

Key Takeaways:

  1. An understanding of how the barrel is delivered from behind the ball.
  2. Rotating with tilt and side bend.
  3. Lower half staying the same regardless of pitch height.

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