Top 10 Ways to Save Money in Travel Ball

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Top 10 Ways to Save Money in Travel Ball

  1. Pack food & drinks for the entire day/weekend

Buying an 8-pack of Gatorades is a lot less expensive at the grocery store than the concession stand. Stock up on all the snacks and drinks you’ll need for the weekend prior to leaving and you’ll see a tremendous decrease in money spent at the concession stand. It may also inspire you to eat healthier by packing fruits and vegetables to nibble on between games.

  1. Carpool

Gas bills add up. Do your best to carpool when possible and split the gas with your carpool partner(s). While it can be inconvenient not to have your own car, the money saved over the course of a season can be significant and it’s also better for the environment.

  1. It’s All About the Points.

If you don’t have a rewards card for every hotel chain, I recommend getting one ASAP. The points add up, and it doesn’t take long to earn enough points for a free night’s stay or get special perks for that particular brand. There are also plenty of options to obtain credit cards and earn points towards stays based on usage.

  1. Purchase your gear in the fall when the new models are being rolled out.

The race to get the latest and greatest in bat technology usually occurs in the fall. This is a great opportunity to acquire phenomenal bats and gloves that companies typically will put on clearance to make room for the new stuff.

  1. Leave Saturday morning instead of Friday night.

Early games on Saturday are tough no matter how you slice it. However, if you were to leave early on Saturday morning and let the kids sleep in the back while you’re driving, it isn’t a horrible option and you’ll have to pay for one less night at a hotel. More often than not, hotels will work with you to get you checked in earlier if possible.

  1. Plan your night out in advance.

For team dinners, it can be a pain to orchestrate a meal for a team of 12 and their families. Do some reconnaissance prior to leaving for the tournament, make reservations and explore possible Groupon or LivingSocial deals that might make the overall bill a bit less expensive.  Every little bit helps, and by being proactive you’ll find the savings add up.

  1. Designate a laundry person.

Uniforms get dirty and parents are usually on the hook to clean ’em up before the next day of game action. An easy way to streamline the process is to designate a person every weekend to do laundry and have all players bring their uniforms and undergarments labeled with their numbers to the designated person after the day’s games. If everyone contributes, it won’t be a huge cost savings, but it will save time, which might allow you to enjoy the hotel a bit more and catch some more z’s.

  1. Uniform exchange 

There are several organizations that standardize on particular uniforms each year. Far too many times, kids outgrow their uniforms before they wear them out. This is a great opportunity to hand down the uniform to a smaller player that might be able to gain some use and save mom and dad some money by not having to purchase a new uniform.

  1. Use AAA for a better hotel rate.

AAA has numerous benefits and one of them is decreased rates at particular hotels. Simply check the box when making a reservation or indicate you are a AAA member upon speaking with a hotel representative and you should see a decreased room rate.

  1. Buy an RV

This isn’t a cost-saving measure, but how cool would it be to have your room at the yard for the weekend?  Save money on hotel fees and cook in your own kitchen!  For those families that like to travel, there are numerous campgrounds across the country near complexes that host tournaments, and if you use an RV for recreation why not use it for your tournaments? Also, most complexes have special areas for RV’s if you’re not the campground type. Although good in theory, this may not be the best option, especially for the members of the family that must be pampered when traveling. Which family member of yours requires the most maintenance over the weekend?


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