Understanding the Competitive Edge

By Garrett Gordon What Are You Doing to Gain a Competitive Edge on Your Opponents? In this day and age of getting participation trophies and everyone making the all-star team gives kids a false [...]

One Drill to Help Youth Fielders Charge the Ball Better

By Eric Tyler Charging groundballs is an issue many infielders struggle with. To fix that, Baseball Rebellion’s bringing back one of baseball’s oldest drill games. Pepper is a game that has [...]

The Turn to Catch Drill

Learn to See the Ball Better! By: JK Whited The Turn to Catch Drill is a great way for hitters of all ages to train seeing the ball better. You see, the hitter’s head movement during the swing [...]

6 Traits That Make a Great Outfielder

By Garrett Gordon Do you have the qualities that make a great Outfielder? “BUT THE OUTFIELD IS BORING” At the youth level, outfielders may not get much attention or glory. This is [...]

Baseball Youth Coaches Show Ep. 15 – Coach Eric Moore – Baseball Youth Elite

Listen to the Coaches Show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere you listen to podcasts. In this episode BY’s Anthony Grassi sits down with our very own Eric Moore. Coach Moore, who [...]

The Three Biggest Keys to On-Deck Preparation

By JK Whited When a hitter is on deck, there are primarily three focal points as they prepare for their at-bat.  The hitter can use his or her on deck time to visualize, body preparation, and [...]

Properly Training Timing Indoors

By Chas Pippitt What’s the best way to challenge hitters? Is it facing a coach throwing BP? No. Front Toss? Not a chance. If you don’t have access to having your hitters hit off a [...]

Baseball Youth Coaches Show Ep. 14 – Coach Joe Francisco – Team Francisco Notorious 9

Listen to the Coaches Show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere you listen to podcasts. Baseball Youth’s Anthony Grassi sits down with Coach Joe Francisco, whose Notorious 9 team [...]

Hitherto Shalt Thou Come, But No Further: Inside Aaron Boone’s 2003 ALCS Walk-Off HR

The year was 2003. The U.S. had ended the bloody regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, John Major was the prime minister of Great Britain, Martha Stewart was in prison and Conan the Barbarian was [...]

Hitter’s Hack – Hit the Ball Out in Front

By Garrett Gordon Does Letting the Ball Get Deep in Your Swing Help with Power? IF IT GETS TOO DEEP YOU WILL GET BEAT Does your kid look rushed when hitting? Are they swinging too late and [...]


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