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Home » News » The Baseball Legends California MLK Classic On Tap This Weekend

The Baseball Legends California MLK Classic On Tap This Weekend

By Casey Ryans

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a day for remembrance of one man’s hard work and courage to change America. Because of MLK, citizens of every race are able to join together on common ground.

For The Baseball Legends organization in California, MLK  weekend is a chance for athletes to give thanks while playing the game they love. Baseball teams travel from all parts of California to take part in this premiere weekend. Teams in the 6U, 7U, 8U, 9U, and 11U divisions are fielding one last ball and taking one last swing before heading to southern part of the state for the TBL California MLK Classic this weekend.

The tournament’s duration is three days with a four game guarantee. Teams in each age division will battle throughout the weekend to be named tournament champion.

Out of the 13 teams competing in the 8U division, three elite baseball teams stand out as teams to watch. SGV Hustle out of West Covina, California is looking for their seventh championship title. The Hustle is channeling motivation from having won six out of their last seven tournaments. This well-balanced team will possibly face two other top teams in the state — MVP of Norwalk and the Chino Hills Storm. Each team represents the state of California in the national rankings.

The SGV Hustle and MVP organizations are also top contenders in the 9U division. The Hustle 9U team is striving to play with no mistakes in order to eliminate competition. MVP 9U has started their season 10-0 and is looking to continue their streak by playing hard and competing to their highest ability each game. The Simi Valley Patriots and the Chino Hills Thunder will make this tournament interesting as they both bring high levels of talent and will be looking to become champions.

The 11U division champion will be awarded to the team with the smallest margin of error. Each team in this division is loaded with talented players and is well coached. Little separation between teams will result in numerous hard-fought games that may come down to the final at bat. The players of Team Victory USA out of Thousand Oaks, California, are looking to use their talents, passion for the game and being the champions of the last event as the backbone of their motivation. MVP Casillas of Norwalk, MVP Rodriguez of Whittier, and the So Cal Knights of Anaheim will provide a battle during each game. The championship title could go to any one of those teams.

The directors of the TBL MLK Classic are thankful for Martin Luther King, Jr. and his countless efforts that have allowed this tournament, as well as thousands of tournaments around the nation, to take place this weekend.

Click HERE to follow the TBL MLK Classic live throughout the weekend!