The Turn to Catch Drill

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Learn to See the Ball Better!

By: JK Whited

The Turn to Catch Drill is a great way for hitters of all ages to train seeing the ball better. You see, the hitter’s head movement during the swing has much more effect on vision than the hitter’s eyes.

For the Turn to Catch Drill, the hitter will go through their normal turn while keeping their back elbow bent and firm. Someone will lightly toss the ball in different locations and the player must turn their body open as if to swing while catching the ball with their back hand.  The key here is that the hitter does not to reach for the ball with their arm, but rather rotate their hips and shoulders which will bring their arm and hand around. At the same time, the player will over exaggerate their head rotation back towards the catcher so that at the time of “impact” or the catch, the hitter’s nose and both eyes will be locked onto the back of their hand holding the ball.

This is a great drill for a part of the swing that often times goes unchecked…at all levels!

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