Top 10 College Baseball Plays of the Week: June 3-9

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Each and every Monday, Baseball Youth will be bringing you a comprehensive list of the 10 best plays in college baseball from the previous week. Check back each week to see what plays made the cut and if your favorite school was represented!


#10 Tampa (DII)

He slid a country mile for that ball.

#9 Mississippi State

What. A. Throw.

#8 Fresno State

We second that motion.

#7 Ashland

Gotta do what you gotta do to make the play.

#6 Stanford

We are impressed.

#5 UNC

Seems a bit extra but okay.

#4 Arkansas

Hate to see it.

#3 Vanderbilt

19 strike outs? No hitter? Freshman. We have to include that.

#2 Mississippi State

What went further: the ball or the bat?

#1 Florida State

Walk off to punch a ticket to Omaha? Yep, thats’ #1.

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