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Home » News » Toronto’s Adam Lind Loved Ken Griffey Jr Cards

Toronto’s Adam Lind Loved Ken Griffey Jr Cards


May 23rd

Toronto’s Adam Lind is a pretty versatile guy by nature. In 2009, he won the Edgar Martinez Award as the top designated hitter in the American League. When he’s not DH’ing for the Blue Jays, the 28-year-old Indiana native can be found playing first base.

Since making his debut in September 2006, he has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the more consistent and underrated players in the AL. He’s averaged 28 home runs the past three years, and he won a Silver Slugger Award back in 2009.

Like many of his fellow big leaguers, Lind was also an avid baseball card collector as a kid, and he loved picking up cards of another power hitter he admired.

Baseball Youth: How did you get started collecting cards?

Lind: I just think it was something a lot of kids did. I never got into trading or anything, but I had about as many Ken Griffey cards as I think there are out there.

Baseball Youth: So, was Griffey on whom you focused your efforts?

Lind: Ken Griffey was my favorite player. So, I definitely tried to get anything I could that was Ken Griffey related.

Baseball Youth: Do you still have all your cards?

Lind: Yeah, I don’t have them at my house. They’re at my parents’ house from where I grew up. I’ve still got all my cards.

Baseball Youth: Was there one card you always wanted to get growing up?

Lind: I never really had a Beckett or anything like that, but my most valuable card was the one that my grandpa gave me, which was like a hologram Johnny Bench card.

Baseball Youth: Since you were such an avid collector, what did you think the first time you saw yourself on a card?

Lind: I’m not a real emotional guy or whatever. It was kind of cool. Just because you’re on a baseball card doesn’t mean the companies give them to you.

Baseball Youth: Does anyone in your family save your own cards for you?

Lind: When people send me fan mail, when I come over, I sign about 10 cards. I just sign one and if they send extra cards in the envelope, I’ll keep the other ones. All the fan mail that I have had, she (my mom) gets that. My dad is my marketing rep in my hometown. I think about everyone in that town has a card of me.


Interview by Baseball Youth contributing writer Steve Hunt