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Voices From the Field

Written by Cody Wilson
Age: 12
Hometown: North Canton, OH
I’ve been playing baseball for eight years. Center, second base, shortstop, and catcher are my favorite positions. I’ve had 24 coaches while I was playing. I have learned some special abilities for fielding, throwing, hitting and baserunning. I am going to explain some key points for these skills.

The top three things to know about fielding are your position, don’t turn when you are charging, and get in front of the ball. Keep your knees bent in the ready position. After that, you should stay on your toes. Never stay flat footed. If you are flat footed you will be slower. If you stay on your toes you will be faster! If you get a ground ball you should charge it and do the alligator. I call it the alligator because you scoop it up like an alligator’s mouth. Another thing is you should never turn your body. Stay in front of it then you will block it if it gets by you.

From that throw you should start with one step of your opposite throwing foot. If it is a long throw, use the skip step to get more power on it. On a shorter throw you can take a short step. As you throw the ball, you should release up top of the motion to throw staighter. Make sure to follow through by pointing at your target.

The fundamentals of hitting include the ready position, keep your weight back, try not to chop or dip, and never drop your shoulder. On an inside pitch, you should open up your hips, but for an outside pitch you should step into the ball. Always keep your eye on the ball, and use a two hand follow through.

My best advice for base running is to always listen to your base coach because they can see the entire game. The second thing to remember is don’t slide on first base. Also, always run through home unless it is close, then you should slide. Make sure you lead off, get in ready position, and measure your steps so you’re not picked off.

Baseball is a great sport. It teaches you to make friends, good sportsmanship, it is fun, and it’s great exercise. The number one rule of baseball is to pay attention so you don’t get hurt and so you can have fun.