Youth Players: Should You Throw your Fastball with Two Fingers or Three Fingers?

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By Kyle Wormington of Baseball Rebellion

Two Finger vs Three Finger Fastball

Prior to getting shut down due to COVID-19, we had many kids in the facility ramping up for their season. That included a lot of young pitchers. One issue I noticed from quite a few of my throwers was that their fastball tended to have slider spin and would cut.

After, working through a better arm circle and arm path I noticed that the problem persisted. Using an iPhone I was able to take slow-motion videos. I realized that many of the throwers were on the side of the ball at release and not behind it. In order to fix this, I tried to move their thumb underneath the ball. This creates a triangle between the index, middle finger, and thumb.

Due to hand size, this was uncomfortable for most of the throwers. It also did not alleviate the issue so we made the switch to a three-finger fastball. The three-finger fastball grip allowed throwers with smaller hands to get behind the ball. 

This generates better spin and direction, which also led to some increased velocity. Obviously, for younger clients, velocity is not the biggest concern. But it never hurts to see velo go up along with accuracy and consistency.